Quick Start

Good to know: The AGENT1 API (A1API) is a public API that is accessible by the world. Few endpoints in the API requires authentication, unlike the other APIs in the JericVerse ecosystem.

Get your API keys

The API is open to the public.
Only a handful API requests are authenticated using API keys.
You can request an API key from the Support at our Discord server if you need to use them.

Install the library

Oops! There is currently no need to install anything. It is a REST API.

Make your first request

To make your first request, send a GET request to the getStats endpoint. This will create read the AGENT1 statistics, which is nice.
Get AGENT1 statistics
Gets a summary of useful statistics for the AGENT1 project.
No parameters
Successfully read AGENT1 Statistics
Permission denied

How to quickly test the API?